Esham - Wit Yo Punk Azz Şarkı Sözü

Yeah, yeah
One time foe yo muthphuckin mind
It's the Drunken Master in this piece
Representin, for you punk azz niggaz

Bitch I'm back screamin, "I don't care"
Throw yo guns in the phuckin air
While you niggaz be sippin Moet-n-Crystal
I be stickin up fools with a bloody pistol

Got a gloc on kock when I ride the block
Hot bullets leave yo azz in a state of shock
Most playa hated by the playa hataz I know
Nigga phuck yo azz and yo ugly ho

I could give a phuck less what coast your from
Cause you can play Forest Gump and catch the dump, dumps
Bitch, just like the last
Muthaphucka, who crossed my path, wit yo punk azz

When a nigga playa hates me for a bitch
Keep my name out yo outh wit yo punk azz
When a nigga owe me money and I see you at the club sippin more
Gimme my loot wit yo punk azz

Back up on the block, ho's suck dick
Niggaz getting high yellin Dice ain't shit
**** to ya jaw, screamin phuck the law

Phuck H.I.V. I'm goin in raw
Scurvy, phuckin prostitutes like James Worthy
You got the nerve to serve me, bitch
Ya don't know my style

Scurv azz nigga from 7 mile
Got a pistol in my pocket, and a joint in my mouth
I wanna bitch wit an azz like a ho down south
I wanna get drunk, but I'm low on cash
So I take yo stash, wit yo punk azz

When you wanna smoke my weed and ain't put 5 in
Back the phuck up wit yo punk azz
When I'm chillin wit a bitch all day and you ain't phuckin
Walk the phuck home wit yo punk azz

I'm only into two thangs, that's loot and fam
At the crib baggin grams
Tryin to come up on a hundred grand
I got plans to be the black Bugz Boran

Red bones and sun tans
Givin me head inside the tour van
Once my gun jammed and I ran like the wind
Brave niggaz die young

The ones that run rock the gems
Ride a Benz, make loot wit they friends
Rock beat's and Timb's, have sex with only fly fem's
So try to pretend not to see in the clubs

Mad cause they on the block still flippin dubs
Only show love to those truly getting cash
So nigga why would you ask, wit yo punk azz

Yeah, so now you niggaz know
Drunken Master back in this piece
Representin for all you bitch azz
Busta azz niggaz talkin all that shit

And all you bitches that aint phuckin
All ya'll can eat a dick, wit yo punk azz



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