Waka Flocka Flame - Against All Odds Şarkı Sözü


[Verse 1: Waka Flocka]
19 years old, just met the plug
Black ass nigga, mouth full of golds
No top Vert, yellow Corvette
Fresh out of a Jeep, plug at my doorstep
He said I got to a show tonight, bring all your friends
All y'all getting in, everything on me
So I call my niggas from the dealer CP
I do 25 if he fucking with Gucci
The loyalty's forever never think different, G
Bricksquad Monopoly, we do it B-I-G
I do it for my friends, fans and my family
Young ass nigga getting money, got 'em hating
Contemplating on their necks, (?) Flocka
(?) kick yo feet, I'ma bring them M's back
That's some real shit

[Hook: Bobby V]
(Against all odds)
Yeah, we made it
Been through the storm
(Against all odds)
So shout out to my haters
Ain't nobody stopping me

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Ain't too many niggas I trust
They don't make niggas like us
I'ma OG, I don't know me, but 3 young niggas in my trust
I got AK's on my van, I got AR's on my bus
I won't let a nigga, I bet a nigga that'll wet a nigga ass up
I'm just mad at the squad because they broke as a joke
You get mad at the TV, nigga go break the remote
I put my feet up and smoke
Flock got the game and the yolk
I got yo bitch in (?), I got that ho on the ropes
I had Wooh go get the scope
And shoot yo ass in the throat
(?) we 4 deep in the Ghost
And you gon' smoke on regular weed because you are what you smoke
Cuz I'm trapping and rapping, I'm pouring a 4
You smoking a ounce but I'm blowing a boat
Cooking and jugging and charging the low
I'm serving the dope and I'm swinging the dope


[Verse 3: Waka Flocka]
Some say I'm good, other say I'm average
Tryna duck these haters, beat the eyes and live life
Now we up on trial for another fucking murder
Free my nigga P, I say free my nigga P
It's funny how they salute you when you in these fucking streets
And throw dirt on you when you get locked up
Always keep it real, never had my chain tucked
I'm from Riverdale, Clayton County, nigga did you hear me?
Just bought a Ghost and Bentley, pussy do you see me?
Money not the topic cuz cash I got plenty
Salute my nigga Gucci, salute my nigga Gucci
Had to say it 2 times, the third I'ma bust
In the squad I trust, can't cross my niggas
Money can't buy... this loyalty
Money can't buy... this loyalty
D-I-E... for this loyalty
D-I-E... for this loyalty


[Outro: Bobby V]
Ain't nobody stopping me
(Against all odds)



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