Walter Hawkins - Full and Complete Şarkı Sözü

The devil, told me, that I, could not stand. All the sins and the darkness that spreads throughout the land. Just look at the dark and the sins, who will be able to escape? But the word of God showed swiftly to me saying God will make a way
The Lord Said I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life, You Must Not Doubt, For There Is Nothing To Hard For Me, I Will Work Things Out, Yes I Will, But Now Is The Time To Show You That I, I Am Still In Control. Then The Lord Said To Me Get Your Eyes On What You Think You Might See And Put All Your Trust In Me
Grab A Hold, And Dont Let Go, Hold On For One Life, Hallelujah! Place Your Feet, On A Solid Foundation, Hallelujah Set Your Eyes On Christ. .For Hes The One Who Deliver Jesus Is The One, He Is The Giver And He Gives To Everyone His Peace. Hell Give You Salvation, Yes He Will, Hell Give You Salvation, Hope, Joy And Peace And He Will Give You Hope And Peace
All You Have To Do Is Reach Out On Faith, And Grab A Hold (Grab A Hold) And Dont Let Go (Dont Let Go) You Got To Hold On (Hold On) Hold On For
Your Life, Hallelujah! All You Got To Do Is Place Your Feet (Place Your Feet) On A Solid Rock, (On A Solid Foundation)
Set Your Eyes
(Set Your Eyes On Christ)
Setem On Christ Hallelujah!
Setem On Christ, For Hes The One (Who Delivers) Yes Hes The Only One (Who Delivers) And He Takes Joy And Gives To Everyone In Need. Whatever You Need From God Hell Give You Salvation Oh Yes He Will, Yes He Will
(Give You Salvation Hope, Joy And Peace)
And He Will Give You (Hope Joy And Peace) Listen, Whatever You Need In Your Life All You Got To Do Is Reach Up And Grab Hold, (Grab A Hold) You Cant, You Cant Let Go
(Dont Let Go) You Got To Hold, On, Hallelujah (Hold On) Hold On For Life, Oh! Hallelujah Set Your Feet
(Place Your Feet) Yeah! On A Solid Foundation, Oh Set Your Eyes (Set Your Eyes) On Christ, Oh Yeah
For Hes The One Yes He is (Who Delivers) Yes Hes The Only One
Yes He Is (Who Delivers) And He Also Gives everyone one
(Everyone In Need) He Also Gives To His Children, He Gives Them Salvation Yeah! (Salvation, Hope, Joy And Peace)
Jesus Will Give You Salvation
(Salvation, Hope, Joy, And Peace)
I Know He Will
Whatever You Need From The Lord Tonight All You Have To Do Is Call Him, Hes Right Here To With Us In This Room Tonight, Hes Here To Save You, Hes Here To Heal You, He Will Make A Way Out Of No Way For You
Come On (Just As You Are) Come On To Jesus
(No Matter How Far) No Matter How Far (You Have To Go) He Will Wash You (Wash You White As Snow)
Before Its Too Late
(Before Its Too Late) He Can Wash You (Wash Your Sins Away) He Can, He Can Heal Your Body, (Your Body Healed) And Jesus Will Make You Love, Yes He Will

Ad Lib
Oh! Come On (Just As You Are) Just As You Are, (No Matter How Far You Have To Go). Jesus Is Standing At The Door Of Your Heart; He Wants To Come Into Your Life (White As Snow)
You Got Too Give Him Your Life
(Before Its Too Late)
( Come As You Are)

You Can Come To Jesus Tonight He Wants To Come Into Your Life. Dont You Wait Until Tomorrow Jesus Is Standing At The Door Of Your Heart



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