Walter Hawkins - God Is Standing By Şarkı Sözü

Everywhere you go there is trouble (there is trouble),
everywhere you go there is strife (there is strife),
everywhere you go there is something that worries you;
but remember (my God is standing by).

(Oh God is standing by), no need to cry,
(God is standing near), no need to fear,
Jesus, He'll be right there, (He's everywhere).

(Well let me tell ya...)
(He'll roll those dark clouds away) yes,
(He'll hear you when you pray) oh yes.

(He'll hear you when you call) yes,
(He'll catch you before you fall) oh yes.

(Jesus, He'll be your friend) yes,
(He'll guide you until the end),
my God is standing by.

"God Is Standing By (Reprise)"

God is.

My God is standing by.



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