Wax - Coins Şarkı Sözü

Eat a dick
Or at least eat a pita chip
Right after I skeet on it
You piece of shit
Tell your lies speaking lips
They should try pleading fifths more often bitch
And refer to me as your awesomeness
You sayin me and "so and so" are comparable
Then I look up "so and so" and they're terrible, you disgust me-
Trendy rappers fall the hell off the map
After just one listen I can tell off the bat
There will never be a time that I have to rewind it
On some goddamn "what was that line shit
In fact I find it
Rather boring's the category I put them in
Fast forward that whack verse I'd rather hear the hook again
I would rate your skills very low level
And your softness as at a pills-bury dough level
Me I have that gold medal flow
That'll put me on a fricken podium
You're child's play you nickelodeon
I'm about to sprinkle sodium
All over them wounds
Big wax EOM homie don't get confused
Shouldn't get your hopes up when you know your gonna lose
You won't accomplish anything if you don't pay your dues
I'm saying
With all the shit I've charged to the game
The game should issue me a credit card in my name
No we aren't the same you are mother fucking ant sized
My catalog is Jack's bean stalk plant sized
I'm sick of ya'll saying ya'll spit well
When ya'll shit sounds like dog shit smells
Seriously take it back and say your joking
When you rap everyone behind your back does that masturbating motion
I worked hard for this when ya'll half-assed it
Raise the white flag matter of fact half mast it
Half this rap shit that you hear is half plastic
The other human half is a lying ass bastard
Fake biters like dentures
Writing their bios based on someone elses adventures
I be confusing the censors with the shit that I speak
Cause they don't know if its some shit they should bleep
They're like damn that's the fifth time this week
That I've witnessed a sheet
Of lyrics from this geek
On my desk for inspection
To bleep or not to bleep is an excellent question
These words have yet to receive Webster's attention
Spanish Webster is still fucking with the gender
Only point I'm trying to make is give them something to remember
Whether spitting on the microphone or strumming on the fender
These kids get mixed up like cumming in a blender
Same goes for you lame trolls blogging
I would recommend less dick riding and more jogging
You at your computer that's sipping your super big gulp
Eating little Debbie snacks and newtons full of fig pulp
I'm talking to you its sunny out enjoy it
That bicycle you purchased was like money down the toilet
Yo its funny how steroided your confidence seems
When the last time you got laid hipsters were rocking big jeans
2Pac was in his teens
Variations of the running man were popular routines
Little Nas was up in queens-- it ain't hard to tell
He was still busy watching the smurfs battle Gargamel
Fuck it I just keep rapping great
Outside of the box like you used cheap packing tape
Try again there's no time to waste
Just make sure the drawing board you go back to is dry erase
That shit you sharpie ain't gonna ever be sharper
Unless that magic marker is an actual magical marker
Even then it'd have to have a good battery charger
Because I've been rapping since Eric Clapton was back with the Yardbirds
I wish you the best of luck
If ya'll agree with me that most rappers suck
Then make like a rake on the back of a landscaping truck
And stand the fuck up



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